Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Take the Justifiable Anger Readership Survey!

As I approach the end of my seventh month of blogging here at the new Justifiable Anger, I find myself wondering what my readers think about my blog: what they like, what they dislike, what they would like to see more or less of, etc.  I am also a bit curious as to who my readers are: what the average age is, how they identify within the LGBT-straight spectrum, how they know me (if they know me), what other LGBT sites they go to, etc.

Thus, I am announcing the first Justifiable Anger Readership Survey

By taking this 12-question survey, you'll help me answer all of the questions I listed above, and then some.  In reading these answers, I'll determine how I can improve my website.  Should I have guest columnists?  More polls?  Fewer movie reviews?  Less breaking news and more analysis?  This is your chance to weigh in on Justifiable Anger and help shape the path my website will take in the coming months.

All responses are 100% anonymous, so please feel free to answer honestly.

There's no due date, but the sooner I get a large volume of responses, the sooner I can begin improving my site - making the experience better for you.  I want my readers to enjoy their time here (let's face it, blogging is no fun if nobody's reading your work), so this survey will help me help you get more out of JA.

Click here to take the Justifiable Anger Readership Survey.


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