Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Connecticut House Committee Passes Gender Identity Protections Bill

The Connecticut state House Judiciary Committee has passed HB 6599, "An Act Concerning Discrimination," 27 to 14 without amendments.

HB 5699, if passed, will protect Connecticut's transgender community from discrimination in employment, education, housing, public accommodations and credit.

If you live in Connecticut, please contact your state representative and tell him or her to support HB 6599 so that our transgender friends, family members, and neighbors may live and work with dignity and respect.  This bill will level the playing field, and it must pass.  I already contacted my state representative, and I could not be happier to hear that he supports this important bill.  Please take a moment right now and do the same, so that we can make sure this bill passes when it comes up for a full vote.

 Click here to find out who your state legislator is.

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