Friday, March 18, 2011

Majority of Americans Support Equal Marriage: Poll

A majority of Americans - 53% - support the freedom to marry for gay couples, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll.  44% oppose marriage equality.

The demographic breakdown: 68% of people under 30 support marriage equality, 65% of people in their 30's, 52% in their 40's, and 33% of people 50 and older.  An equal number of men and women (53%) support marriage. 58% of independents and 63% of moderates support marriage as well.  Along racial lines, an equal number of whites (53%) and non-whites (54%) support marriage equality (although the poll notes that the sample size in various race groups is insufficient to be a representative sample).  63% of white Catholics support marriage equality, as do 57% of non-Evangelical Protestants.

The methodology, unlike that of some polls conducted by anti-gay groups, is legitimate: they used telephone sampling that included land-lines and cell numbers, allowing all groups (particularly younger people who use only cell phones) to be included in the sample.

The poll confirms what marriage supporters have known for a long time: that marriage equality is accepted by a majority of Americans, across many demographics.  Those who oppose marriage equality are in the minority.  Politicians who skirt the issue or refuse to be open about their support for marriage equality do so at their own electoral risk.

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