Friday, March 11, 2011

Civil Unions Pass Second Colorado Senate Committee

Courtesy of PRIDE in Utah (which is always so on top of things), the Colorado Senate Finance Committee has passed a bill that would allow gay couples to enter into civil unions, giving them some - but not all - of the rights that straight, married couples are given in the state of Colorado.  The bill was passed 5-4 along party lines.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the same bill 6-3 on Tuesday; it now goes to the full State Senate for a floor vote.  It is expected to pass the State Senate given the Democrat majority, but passage of the bill in the State House, where Republicans have a one-seat majority, is much less certain.

The civil unions allowed for in this legislation do not equal full marriage, as gay marriage was banned by constitutional amendment in Colorado several years ago.  However, this is progress, and Colorado should pass this bill and allow gay couples to get at least some of the rights afforded to straight couples.

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