Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Hampshire Wants Marriage Equality

Two polls put out this week - one by the New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition and one by the University of New Hampshire - both show that New Hampshire strongly opposes repealing marriage equality legislation, and strongly supports the freedom to marry.

The Coalition's poll shows that 63% of New Hampshire residents oppose repealing marriage equality, while only 29% support repeal; additionally, 59% support marriage equality, while 34% do not.  UNH's poll is consistent with the Coalition's, with 62% opposing repeal - including 88% of Democrats, 66% of Independents, and 57% of Republicans - and 29% supporting it.  Additionally, 92% said they wanted lawmakers to focus on fiscal issues over social issues, and 30% would be less likely to vote for a lawmaker who voted for repeal (compared to 19% who would be more likely).

The facts could not be made any more clear: the good people of New Hampshire support marriage equality; they do not want their lawmakers to waste their time on social issues that have already been discussed and decided upon, nor will they vote for those who choose to do so.  Any New Hampshire lawmaker who makes repealing marriage equality in the Granite State a priority risks losing his seat in the legislature for blatantly violating the will of the people and reaching beyond his mandate.

What you are going to see in New Hampshire is out-of-state anti-gay organizations, such as the infamous National Organization for Marriage, storming into New Hampshire to stubbornly and venemously testify for repeal; they will be representing not the will of New Hampshire residents, but that of a diminishing group in this nation - those who would continue to tyrannize the minority by treating LGBT citizens as second-class.  Lawmakers would be wise to ignore this sound and fury and instead focus on the important fiscal issues which are so much more pressing in the state of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire supports marriage equality: it wants all of its citizens to be treated equally.  Don't allow the Conservative Few to overrule the majority.

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