Friday, February 25, 2011

Poll: Ireland Supports Marriage Equality

According to a new Irish Independent poll, 61% of Irish citizens support marriage equality, which would allow gay couples to marry just as straight couples can.  Only 27% opposed the idea.

This majority includes 3/4 of Labour supporters, 69% of women, and 2/3 of Dublin residents. (The Advocate's coverage of this poll says that 3/4 of people aged 18-24 support marriage equality, but the article it references doesn't give such a number.)

Last year, Irish President Mary McAleese signed a civil partnerships bill into law, much like the civil partnerships available in the UK; this law just went into effect last month.

Given that civil partnerships are already available to gay couples in Ireland, and that a vast majority of Irish people support gay marriage, it is time for Ireland to take the obvious next step: full marriage equality.

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