Monday, December 06, 2010

Perry v. Schwarzenegger Appeal Begins Today

Oral arguments start today at 10am PST for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hearing of the Prop 8 gay marriage case, Perry v. Schwarzenegger.

First, the appealers (the Yes on 8 crew) have to prove they even have standing to appeal, as the state of California decided not to appeal Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision. If it’s found that they do have standing, it’s looking like the three-judge panel will probably decide the case by a split 2-1 vote (most analysts believe that they will probably rule in our favor), and either way it will most likely get appealed to a larger 9th Circuit panel, and probably the Supreme Court after that. The Los Angeles Times has a good run-down of what will be going on over at the 9th.

Additionally, Chris Geidner over at Poliglot has posted an excellent FAQ on the case, its background and possible future, and its potential impact on California and the rest of the US.

Law wonks might like to view the briefing of the case here, courtesy of American Foundation for Equal Rights.

You can watch the case on C-SPAN; if you’re unable to do so, a lot of people will be live-blogging the trial, but I’d recommend the Prop 8 Trial Tracker live blog, as they’ll be sitting in the court relaying information as it comes in.

AFER’s website is loaded with information on where you can watch the trial (including different TV channels, audio live-streams online, and watch parties across the country) . They will be doing a liveblog as well, with Andy Towle of Towleroad.

You can also get live updates on Twitter via @NCLRights, @KateKendell, @couragecampaign and @AFER.

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