Friday, November 12, 2010

"Homophobia Kills" Die-In Held in Hartford

This afternoon, LGBT activists held a die-in at the steps of the Capitol Building in Hartford, the capitol of my home state. The “Homophobia Kills” demonstration was meant to raise awareness of LGBT youth suicide and demand three things:
  • Safe Spaces/Housing - Publicly-funded safe housing specifically for runaway, abused, and homeless queer youth.
  • Self-Defense - The right to protect ourselves and each other from abuse without repercussions. This includes intellectual, emotional, social, and physical self-defense.
  • Equal Access to Education - Comprehensive programs in all public schools on LGBT/Queer people/practices in history, art, science, religion, and literature; Honest sexual education that is inclusive of all genders and sexual identities; Access to informed counseling services.
From the press release:
We know that suicide is epidemic among LGBTQ youth. Queer adolescents are 4-8 times more likely to commit suicide than their heterosexual peers. 90% of queer students report feeling unsafe at school. 1 in 3 completed youth suicides are carried out by a queer-identified person, and for every 1 suicide completed, 100-200 more are attempted, according to data released by the Trevor Project. Furthermore, we know that rates of drug abuse, self-injury, and depression are epidemic among young LGBTQ people.

We need to demonstrate that homophobia and transphobia are the driving forces behind the deaths of LGBTQ adolescents, and that as long as people continue to gay- or trans-bash, lives will be lost. We need to honor the valuable, meaningful lives that our community has lost.

The demonstration accrued a host of endorsements, including the Connecticut Green Party, Uconn Students United for Reproductive Justice, the CCSU Woman’s Center, People of Faith CT, and GetEQUAL.
I will post photos/video here as it is made available to me.

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