Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Connecticut Voter Guide

Today is Election Day, and it is important that you vote in order to have a say in who runs our government, at the state and national levels.  If you are from Connecticut, here is a handy guide on who to vote for for the various positions currently up for election.  You can also find information on all of the candidates, and where to vote, here.

US Senate: I personally voted for Richard Blumenthal.  He has been our attorney general for years and has done good work for Connecticut.  Connecticut is one of the “upset states” – states in which a surprise victory for the Republican is somewhat possible and would result in a GOP majority in the Senate – so definitely consider voting for him if you want to maintain a Democrat majority.

US Congress (District 4): Jim Himes, the incumbent, is a Democrat who is socially progressive (supporting LGBT rights and a woman’s right to choose) but fiscally responsible – he and a few other Democrats have formed a working group to figure out how to best cut government spending in smart and manageable ways.  He deserves your vote; he has mine.

Governor: I was thrilled when Dan Malloy beat Ned Lamont in the Dem primary.  Malloy is another progressive who has good experience from his time as mayor of Stamford.  Malloy would be good for Hartford and would bring much-needed attention to the problems that the people of Fairfield County face (e.g. our horrible infrastructure problems) while also making sure the rest of Connecticut gets what it needs as well.

State Representative (Westport): For those of you living in Westport, I strongly urge you to vote for Jon Steinberg for State Rep.  Nitzy Cohen, a perennial candidate in Westport politics, has proven that she is too stubborn to work across party lines in Hartford – and as a Republican in Connecticut, you NEED to be able to do that.  Steinberg has more experience and is more knowledgeable on the issues.

State Comptroller: Normally this isn’t that important a position in terms of electoral politics, but here we have the opportunity to elect an openly-gay candidate, the Victory Fund-endorsed Kevin Lembo.  It’s time LGBT people were better-represented in Connecticut politics.

As you can see, I’m pretty much suggesting you vote for the Democrats.  I think the Democrats provided much stronger candidates this election cycle, and we need to maintain a Democrat majority in Congress and in Hartford if we want to get anything done over the next two years.  So please, join me in supporting these candidates today.  Now, go vote!

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