Friday, October 01, 2010

About Justifiable Anger

Justifiable Anger is a blog that focuses predominantly - although not exclusively - on LGBT issues and politics. It presents a vertical, not horizontal, approach to blogging: while other blogs focus on simply reporting the news and covering as many of the day's events as possible, JA will instead take the most important news and analyze it, delving more deeply than other LGBT blogs into what the news actually means.  JA presents a fresh, young take on LGBT issues: an intellectual spin on today's LGBT politics.

JA welcomes comments of all viewpoints.  Comments are moderated so as to eliminate spam and irrelevant trolling, but all relevant comments will be posted.

"Justice has its anger, Monsieur Bishop, and the wrath of Justice is an element of progress." - Les Miserables

Note: As of late 2011, Justifiable Anger is no longer being updated. The blog will be kept up as an archive (and for nostalgia's sake), but please understand that the opinions expressed here were only mine, and were mine several years ago while I was still in college.

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